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Luxury Games Rooms Around the World: Where Recreation Meets Opulence

In the world of luxury homes, there exists a realm of pure indulgence, where recreation is elevated to an art form. Imagine the melodious symphony of billiard balls colliding on a scarlet table, the suspense of a poker game on a plush green baize, or the strategic moves of a chess match in a room adorned with elegance. Welcome to the realm of games rooms, where leisure and luxury intertwine seamlessly.

We understand the allure of a space dedicated solely to the pursuit of recreation. A space where games come alive, and entertainment knows no bounds. Join us as we journey through exquisite properties across the globe, each boasting a games room that takes leisure to a whole new level.

1. Dungriffan in Dublin, Ireland: Where Victorian Elegance Meets Contemporary Leisure

Nestled in the heart of South Dublin, Dungriffan stands as a distinguished Victorian residence that boasts more than just its architectural charm. Within its walls lies an array of options for games and entertainment, creating a haven for leisure enthusiasts. Imagine a snooker room echoing with the click of balls, a chess salon where intellectual battles unfold, and an informal snug perfect for family game nights.

Built in the late 19th century, Dungriffan is an expansive red brick residence that spans 6,405 square feet and sits on an acre of private grounds. The main level hosts interconnected reception rooms, including a double drawing room, music room, and a formal dining room served by a gourmet kitchen with an aga, breakfast bar, and pantry.

Ascend a mahogany staircase to discover six bedrooms on the upper floors, a study, and a custom-designed games room complete with a full-size snooker table and foosball table. A wood-paneled snug awaits above, accessible through a spiral staircase.

Beyond the lavish interiors, Dungriffan’s gardens add an extra layer of charm. From the front electronic security gates to the pavilion housing a heated pool, every corner exudes luxury and leisure.

2. Palatial Estate in Beverly Hills, California: Entertainment Extravaganza

Beverly Hills, synonymous with luxury, presents a palatial estate designed for grand-scale entertaining. A crimson baize billiards table and an antique chess table adorn the opulent games room, setting the stage for recreation at its finest. And the luxury extends outdoors, with a giant chess set, a tennis court, a putting green, and a resort-worthy pool beckoning to leisure enthusiasts.

Perched atop a promontory, this château-inspired estate boasts 21,800 square feet of living space, eight bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms. The main house reveals a formal dining room with stained-glass doors, a banquet room, and a host of amenities for every occasion.

From the elegant billiards room to the two-story wood-paneled library, from the lower-level entertainment suite with a movie theater to the exquisite wine cellar, this estate embraces leisure in all its forms. The grounds further amplify the luxury, offering a lagoon-style pool, a putting green, a tennis court, and ample spaces for outdoor dining.

3. Grand Maison in Midi-Pyrenees, France: Where History Meets Leisure

Nestled in the charming Midi-Pyrénées region of France, the Grand Maison exudes the timeless charm of a French chateau. Here, the billiards room transcends its role, doubling as a library where intellectual pursuits meet recreational enjoyment. Adjacent to it, a club-style lounge beckons, complete with a built-in bar and a crackling fireplace.

This elegant country house harmoniously combines its stately stone façade with contemporary touches. The interior reveals vast, fully furnished rooms illuminated by double-height, double-glazed windows and doors. The main entrance leads to a lounge with a monumental fireplace and a library/games room adorned with towering oak bookcases.

The upper floor hosts spacious bedrooms, with en suite options boasting contemporary fixtures and finishes. The lawned gardens, with their stocked fishpond, inviting pool, and charming pergola, further enhance the leisurely ambiance.

Indulge in Luxury, Embrace Recreation

From Dublin to Beverly Hills, from France to far reaches of luxury, these exquisite properties showcase the art of recreation in its most opulent form. A billiards table becomes a centerpiece of elegance, a chess set transforms into a symbol of strategic prowess, and a games room evolves into a realm of leisure beyond imagination.

If the allure of these luxury games rooms has captured your attention and you’re yearning for more glimpses of such opulence, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to guide you through a world where leisure and luxury converge, creating spaces that redefine recreation. Game on, and indulge in the lap of luxury!

Courtesy of Lucy Carsen, Luxury Defined. Listings provided by Simon Ensor, Aaron Kirman and Martin Sheach.